Why choose us?

RROTA24.com is a Swiss-based site and its server is located there. We take pride in the fact that by creating this site, a lot of attention has been paid to your security. From the beginning, we have strived for professional vehicle rental services and quality offers for our clients while maintaining a competitive advantage in terms of car rental prices in Kosovo. Identity theft is a constantly evolving crime and many users are unaware of the latest tactics used by professional criminals. By using RROTA24.com for renting a car, users can rely on RROTA24.com’s expertise to protect themselves from various forms of fraud.


How it works?

– Only through two very simple steps will you be able to drive your dream car. All you have to do is search for the car you want and after selecting it, reserve your desired days by pressing the “Reserve Now” button and leave contact details.

– Once you have made the reservation, you can easily contact the owner using the conversation found in the “Reservations” section of your profile. Initially your reservation will be pending approval. After the owner has reviewed it you will receive an answer whether your request has been approved or canceled.


I’m not ready to reserve a car yet, but I want to be part of your platform, how can I do that?

– No problem. Just sign up and you can bookmark the cars you would like in the “Bookmark” section of your profile and you can easily find them next time you visit our platform. When you are ready to reserve simply follow the two steps explained above.

– You can also subscribe to receive emails with new and exclusive offers, by providing your email in the Subscribe section located at the bottom of the home page.


Where should I pay for the car?

– The payment for the car is made directly to the owner.


How much do I have to pay to register to your site?

– You don’t have to pay anything. Creating a profile is completely FREE.


Do I need to create a profile with RROTA24 to reserve a rental car?

A profile will be automatically created for you with the contact information you provide during reserving. This enables you to save your work. It is also important for your safety. Once you create an account, you can use it to make unlimited reservations.


How long will it take to find out whether my reservation is approved / canceled?

Once you make the reservation, the request will be immediately forwarded to the Lessor and as soon as it is reviewed you will receive an answer.



How it works?

You just have to create a free profile on our site by pressing the “Register” button and then wait for the profile administrator to approve the profile. Once approved you can post your vehicle (s) in the “Cars” section. When you receive a reservation request you will be able to contact the customer using the conversation found in the booking. After reviewing it, you will decide whether to approve or cancel the booking.


What does “Boost your ad” mean?

The “Boost Your Ad” option gives you an opportunity to place your car on the “Recommended Cars” that appear on the platform’s homepage, or to color the ad to get visitors’ attention and thus increase your chances of getting a reservation for a much shorter time. For more information, click HERE


How much do I have to pay to register to your site?

You don’t have to pay anything to register. Creating a profile is completely FREE. If you want to speed up the process to get as many car reservations as you can, you can put your car in the recommended car section or have your publication appear in color by clicking HERE.


Do I need to create a profile with RROTA24 to publish a rental car?

Yes. Once you register as a Lessor, your profile must be approved by the platform administrators. Then you will be able to publish cars that will appear on our website.